The Truth About Reckart's Group

THE TRUTH ABOUT RECKART'S GROUP The semi-Anti Semitic Group:

In reality, these people are anti-Semitic for the very fact that they won't believe in the existence of the Hebrew language which was first spoken by the people of God from Adam to Noah.  Bishop Reckart said that there's no such thing as Hebrew language.

In further investigation as you talk and discuss with their theological stands, you will learn that these people don't have a set of strong and concrete references of their doctrine where they care not the value, the importance of providing credible materials as far as proper research and study is concern.  They will always fail to present credible materials when you ask them instead insist their understanding and interpretations in the manner of "eisegesis" method.  They automatically block you on threads where you question them most especially when they sense being cornered on subjects being discussed.  They will also brand you a liar and of the devil if you try to expose their errors.  

Their Teachings:

Most of their teaching were taken from links that favors their interpretation where James Owens made his best to take and paste together pictures depicting the works related to the Masons, Illuminati, the Gnostics and labeling it according to what he had perceived.  Here are few of it I was able to save below:

1.  Tarot Cards (Mysticism)

2.  Branding the tetragrammaton "YHWH" - four Hebrew consonants of whom Moses himself wrote, associating it to Baal.  They call Baal Yahweh or Lord, so this would mean "Lord Baal" to them.

3. They also uses book illustration wherever they can find a word related with "tetragrammaton" or 4 Hebrew Letters and defiling it. Look how James Owens maneuvered by labeling it.

4.  Look closely how James Owens blasphemed the tetragrammaton and link that to the "one eye" or Lucifer's eye. 

5.  This image is a Kabbalah's illustration.   

6. James blasphemed the God of Israel "YHWH" calling the sacred word evil and the devil who was calling his goats to hear him.


7.  James is good in storytelling. Out of a picture he can create bunch of baseless maneuvered stories associating it to evil assumptions.  

8.  "The Oneness of God" written by a Doctor of Jurisprudence, a humble and respected man of God was not able to escape from James wicked mind.  He attacked his writing without even asking permission and made inquiry direct to its writer about his questions but blatantly accused him.

9.  A picture of a rabbi where James placed his words in his mouth.  Does the Rabbi really utter those words? 

10.  The Kabbalists, known as heretical and unti-ethical to Judaism now had this new revelation.  James Owens doesn't know how to read Hebrew and don't have any background of studying Hebrew language.  You will notice that in his work here.  YHWH (Yod, Hey, Waw, Hey) or tetragrammaton isn't read as Yhowshuwa. The Masoretes added vowel pointings to the original Hebrew words which are all consonants like for example the rendition of Jehovah or Yahweh, the Masoretic text.  

Yhowshuwa or Yehushuwah is the Hebrew translation taken from the word "Iesus" which is Greek.  Jesus is the English translation and "Hesus" in tagalog.  The name revealed to this Jewish sect Kabbalist rabbi was Yehushuwah or Jesus when translated to English.  James called it lying signs and wonders.  He's obviously wrong to say Yehushuwah (Hebrew) is tetragrammaton for it simply means Jesus in English not YHWH. 

Their Strategy of Fishing to Other's Pen 

They will send you these tags (seen above) in your facebook account continuously as baits.  Most were in their friends list  as what Jordz Genteroy did. This is their backdoor strategy.  They can determine if you're a good fish to catch in the number of times you'll be liking their evil stuff.  This will be followed by sending you messages and other links through private messages if you reply to them.  By series of conversation, what comes next is the schedule for seminars they will be conducting to your place and finally, unknowingly they victoriously entered  and captured your camp as they will forcefully suggest to you the need for rebaptism. They will destroy the credibility of their candidate's organization by looking loopholes like the Articles of Faith especially the UPC.  Who were their victims?  The innocent and those who are weak in faith.

A picture taken in Cainta Church.  In the picture were candidates for rebaptism and Reckart's camp.  (From left: Rolando Montebon, James Owens, Bishop Reckart, Jordz Genteroy, Ptr. Ver Baltazar...)   

Next Topic to be discussed:

The Chaos they brought to UPC Philippines
Spot the lies they made, there are plenty

Ptr. Ver Baltazar words when interviewed by the District Board. (Hear his testimonies in audio)  

How Jordz Genteroy admits their intentions of fishing UPC members and the members of Ptr. Louie Santos in "To God be the Glory Fellowship".

HOW A DECEIVED PERSON REASONS OUT?  (A UPC member in London deceived by James Owens)  


  1. You're lost and a fool. I am not a "Reckartite", 99% of what I know to be truth came before I ever met the Bishop. I have CONCRETE evidence of all the lies of the Tetragrammaton/Pentagrammaton and hallelujah. You on the other hand have no empirical evidence that the Jews even knew what this word was until they were banished to Babylon and a pagan culture with a language similar to Babylonian (Aramaic) used the Tetragrammaton to name the "god of the Jews". You want to be a REAL MAN then bring it on "brother". Friend me - Greg Patzkowsky - on Facebook and we can debate right there in public and I will show your ignorance to all.

  2. Refute what has been presented bro. Greg Ptzkowsky. You should have shown your valid and concrete evidences as you have boasted rather than talking foolishly. You manifested a spirit of rudeness, lacking the graces and refinement of civilized life and unethical too just like the members of your camp did in many facebook threads deleting and blocking those who won't agree with your unscholar and immature unsupported not credible evidences. You love the eisegesis way rather than doing proper exegesis and hermeneutics. I suggest join yourself "RELIGIOUS CULTS & SECRET SOCIETY EXPOSED " forum and expose your lies there. Many would love to hear you explain your srtange teachings there. Thanks. "

  3. I know your rudeness and arrogance as I have said and invite me again to your facebook with your friends to treat people unfairly with cannibalistic and inhuman attitudes? Who the fallen angel are you that I should have to deal with? If you're truly MAN ENOUGH and not afraid of exposing your lies but fanatically will defend it, then go to the facebook link I gave and in their display your arrogance without hesitation!. Many awaits you there including Ptr. Robert Rice who knew your group well and the Bible School of Reckart which don't have registration from the government. What? Reckart had two doctorate degrees? Why was that he wasn't able to present his dissertation titles when I inquired that to him as he boasted it? Now, answer me, why you rely much the Septuagint but deny Hebrew language saying it never existed? Show now your best proof and credible evidences!

  4. Oh, Mesha Steele, the Moabite Stone where the king of Moab mentions the hebrew God by name. Present your best evidence and don't forget the book title and it's author. These are necessary proofs.

  5. Bro. Greg you said, "I won't join your group so you can all try and gang up on me". Will you do this evil act also to me, as what Reckart and James Owens did? I don't see you different from them. The forum I told you is an open forum where plenty of different beliefs are present enjoying their freedom of expression.

  6. What the Bishop does and doesn't do in regards to how he interacts with you is none of my concern, although I am sure he has his reasons for not speaking to you, and I understand why. Right now my concern is with you. You are proagating a lie from hell and thus leading people down the path to this very place.

    I am not rude lol, I said, did you not read your own post? No answer eh? your post was rude. I was responding in kind. Yes, you have your "posse", people you hang with because they are all fooled into believing this same lie as you, why would I hang with those who want to preach another Jesus, another gospel? I wouldn't and I don't. As a matter of fact the bible says not to, so, this ridiculous argument is about over.

    If you know the Mesha Steele then you know it wasn't in Hebrew, you also know it was King Moab who destroyed the 10 tribes of Northern Israel, and it is he (the king)who used the Tetragrammaton, NOT the Jews. You would also know it was in a language very similar to Aramaic which is Babylonian. I'm not going sit here and pull out the books, this is ALL COMMON knowledge and if your ignorant enough to not believe it it's not my fault. Do you seriously deny all this? When did the Jews leave Paleo-Hebrew behind and start speaking Aramaic-Hebrew? I like how you total diverted from my question there...what language did the Jews speak, what is the true ancient Jewish language? You didn't answer, just like I thought you would.

    You don't know, you are ignorant and don't know what you try to defend. I will not debate you in your own group, again, you and your cronies will only gang up on me. I will however debate you on my open Facebook and delete all other posts but ours. Then, as I stated, everyone can see how you try and fool them with this evil Tetragrammaton/Pentagrammaton and hallelujah lie.

    I am not being rude either...ignorant is not a bad word and you need to come out of the dark. God is perfect, he NEVER changes, nothing about Him could EVER change, that's biblical, that is fact. This then would include his name, which He (Jesus the man) inherited from His Father, hence Jesus had to be the Father's's really, really simple. There is only one name whereby we must be saved, there is only one name in baptism and only one name above all names, Jesus - do you deny this? We are to do EVERYTHING in the name of Jesus, deny it? We are to believe JESUS came in the flesh, deny it? Oh and as a last little shot, read Gen 22:14 the PLEASE, PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME AND EVERYONE, how and why Moses wrote Exodus 6:3!? There are to be NO contradictions in the bible, is this not true? more denial!?

    Ok, I am done fooling around with a novice who wants to argue for the sake of arguing, knowing he's wrong. If you truly want to debate then fine, we can do so, again, in front of the world where people will actually see it, on my FB page. Until then, I'm done. May Jesus bless you with truth and understanding.

  7. Pastor Carl Cortez , why dont you post the rest of the pictures I have done ?

    Let the people know that the devil is deceiving them a long time .
    So they can escape the lies of these so called divine names .

    Folks The same satanic artists who put satanic art all over the original kjv which king james authorised could only have done it if they had the nerve of the devil himself .

    Why did king james authorise such hellish wickedness ?

    These same satanic artists exalted their god YHWH ,YHVH ,JHVH ,JEHOVAH above all in the original kjv .

    Lift Jesus above all this satanic stuff .
    Praise Jesus in every word and every deed .
    Col 3:17.

    Jesus read from the Septuagint and exposed the additional Lies of "GOD" (YHVH ) & "the LORD" by not using them ,He stuck to Kurios /Adonay in Luke 4:17-18 kjv .

    Jesus did NOT read the kjv old testament that day . He did NOT read the Babylonian Proto masoretic
    text that has YHWH interpolated (inserted) all over it .
    Admit it .

  8. You can't deceived me Greg a.k.a. James Owens. You insisted of boasting your understanding? Where is now your reference for best evidences that will back up your claims? You said Hebrew language never existed but you believed in Septuagint? You have not proven anything, but an empty shallow mind.

  9. James Owens, I posted all I got from Jorge but those pictures were enough evidences to prove how you associated tetragrammaton or even the entire Old Testament manuscripts to illuminati, masonry even the gnostics and the esoretics of the Jewish sect Kabbalah, blaspheming the Old manuscripts which the Hebrew and Jewish people regard it as sacred, revered it with high respect.

    If the Old Testament weren't written in Hebrew language as you supposed and claimed it to be (without providing best evidences), how credible and reliable then was the Septuagint which were the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible you arrogantly esteemed but scorned the OT?

    Anybody can defy God including the illuminati, masons, gnostics, evil artists or even you associating God's titles to wickedness and to any form of blasphemies. All I know, no one can escape God's wrath on Judgment day especially those who polluted and corrupted the scriptures, maligning the things which were considered holy such as the tetragrammaton or the 4 hebrew letters attributed to God in the Old Testament.

    You can only fool the novice. Why find the hebew word YHWH in New Testament written in Greek? Of course, Jesus and his disciples no longer spoke hebrew for it was lost and was dead after the Babylonina exile, the very reason why the creation of the Septuagint was made by 72 Jewish scholars in Alexandira Egypt during 300BC to 20OBC known as the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible. You aren't thinking isn't it? Or you only uses this poor logic as baits to the neophytes? Greg a.k.a. James, pls. try again...

  10. By the way, scholarly speaking, I agreed that masoretic texts or adding vowel pointings to the tetragrammaton (4 letters) pronouncing it as Jehovah or Yahweh is what I considered invention for nobody in our times as admitted by Jewish scholars, no one knows how to pronounce it well especially the 4 consonant letters. But never I blasphemed the tetragrammaton calling it devilish or associating it to masonry and any evil things. It was you who did it and your camp, not me.

  11. Repost , last one not complete ;

    My purpose in posting this is to give you a shock and to wake you up .

    We were told only holy men were involved in the kjv bible 1611.

    What do you see in the picture from a copy of the original kjv 1611?

    Was the naked witch in Paul's epistle ?
    Were the other two on the left who are involved in a sexual act in Paul's epistle ?

    what we have here is a diabolical mocking spirit .
    These same wicked appointed by King James artists exalted their god above all on the title page .

    They exalted YHWH above all .

    They did not exalt Jesus above all.

    Here we have proof that satan's closest got involved in bibles .

    We need to test all these new doctrines of YHWH ,Yahweh ,jehovah against the testimony of Jesus's eyewitnesses .

    Jesus name is above all names and exalted letters.

    I am not afraid to say it .

    Are you ?¬if_t=like&actorid=100002096241279&__user=1593062751

  12. I am not shocked by your unscholar and immature presentation, but got pity on your stubbornness of destroying the importance of the Old Testament manuscripts where the sacred titles been attributed to God written in Hebrew. These were even found in Misnah, Tenach, Torah and old testament hebrew commentaries. Never there are issues about the name of Jesus (english translation to Greek Ieous and hebrew Yaseuwah) in the NT but on how you disgrace and discredit the OT written in Hebrew.

  13. What Old Testament text Did Jesus and the apostles use ?

    Part 1 .

    I will admit ;This is shocking .

    Lets start in the book of Hebrews .

    Hebrews 1:6 (KJV)
    And again, when he bringeth in the firstbegotten into the world, he saith, And >let all the angels of God worship him.<

    That's a quotation from Deut 32:43 .

    Lets check the kjv

    Deuteronomy 32:43 (KJV)
    Rejoice, O ye nations, [with] his people: for he will avenge the blood of his servants, ....

    Wow that does'nt say anything about

    "let all the angels of God worship him."

    It's not even there , it's not in the next verse or any verse around it .

    Lets check the Greek Septuagint ;

    Deut 32:43 ; LXX

    Rejoice, ye heavens, with him, and >>let all the angels of God worship him; <<. rejoice ye Gentiles, with his people

    So the writer there was quoting from the Old Testament and assumes his readers have the same Old Testament as he did , and that quote appears there in deut 32:43 Lxx.

    He was obviously quoting from the Septuagint .

    The passage

    >>let all the angels of God worship him; <<

    Isn't even found in the Masoretic text that the kjv translators used .

  14. More proof The writer of the epistle did not even use the Hebrew text .

    Imagine that & him writing to the Hebrews .

    Lets check another .

    The writer says ; in

    Hebrews 10:5 (KJV)
    Wherefore when he cometh into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not,>> but a body hast thou prepared me:<<

    That's a quote from psalm 40:6 .
    which reads in the kjv OT;

    Psalms 40:6 (KJV)

    Sacrifice and offering thou didst not desire;> mine ears hast thou opened:< burnt offering and sin offering hast thou not required.

    You may have noticed that in the kjv
    Psalm 40:6 that it doesn't say anything about

    > but a body hast thou prepared me:<

    Now that's a very important missing part !!!

    > but a body hast thou prepared me:<
    Was a very important prophecy that speaks of Jesus's incarnation .

    That the Root of David would prepare a body i.e
    "the offspring of David via Mary "

    That God would come to earth as a man .

    Instead kjv Ps 40:6 says

    > mine ears hast thou opened:<

    which the writer of Hebrews never even quotes .

    That does'nt appear in the writer of Hebrew's bible .

    If we look it up in the Septuagint ;

    It says ;

    Lxx psalm 40:. 6
    Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not;>> but a body hast thou prepared me:<< whole-burnt-offering and sacrifice for sin thou didst not require

    Wow it reads just like the writer of Hebrew wrote it .

  15. Carl Cortez YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN ONE "SCHOLARLY CITATION" For anything you have stated! You have spread lies on people, you have attacked people in a way you have accused them of doing to others and you have NO BIBLICAL SUPPORT for your false doctrine. You and your cronies were presented proofs before and you rejected them. You are just trying to defend an organization that is dying out and being transformed to a whore of Satan and producing children of hell and damnation that are lacking Holiness and embracing Paganism. Your devilish organization can not even take a stand against Christmas one of the most pagan of all holidays the church has played the part of a whore with. You better repent before God strikes you down and your false group of heretics. And who cares if David K Bernard has a doctorate in Jurisprudence that has nothing to do with salvation and is not a standard to be saved by. You are a joke and you will die lost and burn in hell if you do not repent of your corruption and wickedness. And I am not a Reckartite and James Owens is NOT AKA (Also Known As) Greg Patzkowsky

  16. Thanks for following my blog intended for your group as you see nobody are in it except you. I don't have to waste my time arguing you with perverted stand taken from unreliable sources. Since you have already said Bishop Reckart that "Hebrew language never existed, but lies and invention...", it really puzzled me why you and your followers insisted not to rely on KJV Bible but the Septuagint. You may let the ignorant buy your follies in this matter but not those who studied and do careful research. If Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible how shall you defend your case?

  17. To James Owens and to Reckart, stop posting on my blog subjects or links not related to what has been refuted for I agree with the New Testament writings about the Lord especially the name given to Him which is above every name, Jesus of Nazareth.

    What I am asking to both of you Greg, James, Douglas and Reckart is how you are going to reconcile your statement that:

    1) Hebrew Language never existed but insisting Septuagint as the authoritative translation. If Septuagint is the Greek Translation of the Hebrew Bible, why believe on and insist it then?

    2) If tetragrammaton or the quadriliteral Hebrew letters were not written by Moses as to address "elohim, adonai or G_d" in the Old Testament, what was the right word or letters being replaced? Was it Jesus?

    Please explain to me that if Hebrew language wasn't a language spoken by the Hebrew race eventually were called Jewish people, are you saying that "Israel" translated as "prince of God" which became a nation isn't real and it never existed? Is there no Israel, a nation? Israel is a Hebrew word.

    I want an honest answer from you and this is my challenge. God bless you.

  18. Hi Pastor Carl: You never presented any proof that Aramaic which you call Hebrew was the Hebrew tongue of Adam, Noah, or Abraham. Why not admit the Jews adopted Aramaic when they went to Babylon around 606BC. Why not admit before this they used the Paleo-Hebrew language and it was not Aramaic? Pastor, you can spread all manner of hate against me, but you will never prove I am wrong. You cannot and never will prove that Babylonian Aramaic from Babel was the Hebrew tongue. You are fighting because you are unlearned. You have not studied the languages. Even Jews admit Aramaic is not a Hebrew language. That is where I first learned it. You call me anti-semite because I deny Aramaic is the original Hebrew tongue. Do you also say this about Jews who taught me Aramaic is not Hebrew? I have posted links on your blog for people to read the truth. You can lie to them about what we believe. The links show them what we believe. And we provide many hundreds of proofs. Jesus and the Apostles NEVER used the Aramaic translated bible. Why not admit this. Do the research and ask "WHAT BIBLE DID JESUS AND THE APOSTLES USE?" I doubt you will. You have never admitted when you were wrong. The tetragrammaton is false and is derived from the Babylonian Yaahveh. Scholars say this and I believe them. Yaaveh was the highest ranking god in their pantheon. This god was accepted by the Jewish rabbis as equivalent to their God Adonai. they then put it into their new Aramaic translation around 300BC. This is what scholars say. I am a believer in the name of Jesus Christ as the name of God. Jesus came in his Father's name and it was not YHWH or that would have been his name. The Father's name was not Jehovah or Yahweh or one of these would have been his name. His name was Jesus and Jesus is the name of the Father. If you do not believe this, then get out of the UPC and go join a YHWH cult. Either defend the name of Jesus Christ, or go join the cults who claim YHWH is greater than the name of Jesus. Join a cult that says Jesus is a false name. As for me, I am a believer in the name of Jesus Christ above all names. Am I wrong on that also Pastor Carl?

    My advice is that you stop spreading lies on me and the others. That you read and accept the truth. YHWH is not the name of Jesus. YHWH is not the name of God. YHWH is not even a Hebrew name. It is an Aramaic Babylon name and you know it. I challenge you to find the truth about the name of Jesus Christ because as of now, you do not believe it is the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. i do not hate you. I love you. And someday I want to meet you and sit down and have chickenjoy with you. God bless you,

  19. Hello James Owens, Reckhart, Eve, Greg, and Douglas. If ya'll fancy some debating with educated saints then come join us at "Jesus, the God of Two Testaments." It would be fun to watch them wipe the floor with your heresies....Oh that's right, they already did...lolololololololol

    1. Ron none of you in there are saints and none of you in there are educated. You are a bunch of educated morons that the Bible commands me not to case pearl before swine. I was already in that group and none of you idiots were able to handle truth so you claim a false victory that never happened you lying scum.

  20. I appreciate of sharing your thoughts here again in my blog. With the sole purpose of exposing the lies you created in spreading evil, attacking Semitic itself, I again will remind you ladies and gentlemen, that's the sole purpose why I created this blog.

    The spirit of terrorism were rampantly moving around the world, rage and hatred against the Jews are brought into obvious, violently killed the innocents, beheading them and raping the women even children. With the help of technology and internet, these can easily be watched over and be followed through various forms of media. Hamas and Isis were there boasting their demonic activities in the name of their god and belief in the eyes of many nations.

    Actually, I am not surprise of groups coming out elsewhere showing their hatred to Jewish culture including their language just like your team, destroying their distinctions as Hebrew people same with those who wants to erase the Jewish race, removing the nation Israel from the world map.

    Whatever you guys will say against the language of Israel or being an anti-Semitic using the name of your religion and ideologies, the truth will still prevail. I am here to correct your wrong accusations and will tell you once again, Hebrew is a Semitic language. You can't destroy that fact! You will just fail 'though you will attempt a thousand times.

    Clarifications: We have nothing to argue with the new Testament positions and the name of the Lord Jesus Christ but the OT. So stop misrepresenting me and mud throwing. Stop the mess.

    I will be glad to hear you Bishop Reckart make the fearless move first of asking Dr. Bernard in engaging him a debate. Hope this will come to reality and not for the sake of boasting only. I noticed, you told that many times.

    By the way, I commence cleansing, so I 'm sorry if I deleted garbage posted here in my blog. God bless.

  21. Carl Cortez I am going to warn you before The Almighty God and all the Saints of God that are reading this. You better repent of your lies that you are spreading and your foolishness. You are making false accusations when you have the audacity to say I support Innocent Jewish Women and children being murdered and raped. I doubt an evil little man such as yourself even has the Holy Ghost and I don't believe for one minute you are a man of God with any anointing upon your life. IF anyone is a terrorist it is YOU CARL with your spreading lies and character assassinations that you are doing. Bishop Reckart and Pastor James Owens have given you more than enough evidence to support what we believe and the fact is you are just a whinny little baby that can not accept you are not as scholarly as you want everyone to think you are. I am not Anti-Semitic. I just do not worship a group of people like you do and I do not bow down and support a nation that commits atrocities against humanity such as the Zionist Government or any false heretical movement such as ISIS or HAMAS they are all evil and going to the same hell. The Only Thing Going to heaven are those that have repented and fully obeyed Acts 2:38. So, Mr Cortez you have yourself a wonderful day with all of your lies you are spreading and perverted doctrines you are teaching. I do, however, pray that God will silence the mouth of you and every other would be little false prophet out there from your heretical organization. If you want to cleanse your page remove your lies and false accusations, man up and have a civilized conversation. Until then I refuse to cast pearl before swine.

    1. So do I to you Douglas Hendrix. Stop the "I am holier than thou" thing. Truth can't be silenced.

      "Truth cannot be constructed. To live in ideology is, as Havel so eloquently reminds us, inevitably to live in a lie. Truth can only be revealed. We cannot be creators, only receptors."

      - James W Sire

      "Reflection cannot be seen in boiling water. The same way, truth cannot be seen in a state of anger. So, analyze before you finalize..." - Ritu Ghatourey

    2. You can quote the carnal logic of men until hell freezes over Mr Cortez. In the end you are going to burn in the same hell with them. You are a liar and a pagan worshiper. You tell me "I am holier than thou" thing, yet I am not acting holier than anyone. I am just stating a fact that no one that has not obeyed Acts 2:38 since the Day of Pentecost is going to heaven. That is Bible and that is what your heretical movement used to preach as well. But, like so many other things the great backsliding into apostasy that has always been around took a hold of their evil hearts. Let me quote something to you Carl Cortez....This is from the HIGHEST AUTHORITY AND SCHOLAR OF THEM ALL..........Rev 21:8 KJV
      (8) But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and ------->ALL LIARS<----, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

      So, when you make false accusations against me as you are on this page by manipulating quotes taken out of context to fit your devilish agenda you are being a LIAR and the BIBLE SAYS YOU WILL BURN IN HELL!!!!!!! REPENT YOU LIAR REPENT!!!!!!

    3. Let the readers tell who is lying not you. If only you go to formal studies, you won't behave and acted ignorantly Rev. 21:8 judged you Douglas Hendrix for you talk like you don't even know what you're saying... and you don't even know you're lying? May God open the minds of your understanding and may come to true repentance it's gonna be late.

      By the way, you said KJV held the highest authority and scholar of them all. Which one, the 1611, 1901 or NKJV? If you aren't ignorant of the truth, you should be specific here and provided with you best proof of evidences to back up your claims. Failing to do so made yourself a big false accuser. At the moment, you have just proven to me part of the nonsense talker fellows.

  22. Carl Cortez I am not antisemitic , as you can see I respect some messianic Jews research .

    And I pray they & the other Jews all come to the true Jesus in repentance & get born again the Jewish acts 2:38 way .

    Please retract your statement that I am antisemitic & hate Jews .

    I do not hate Jews , I might hate what the tallmudic /kabbalistic Pharisees have done to their people but I still pray they get to know the true God Jesus .

    Now , David H Stern a Jew who now believes in Jesus and is the author of the complete Jewish bible said the following about the name Jehovah .

    He said it's a hybrid name without any historical foundation .

    Think about that ,

    >> it's a hybrid name without any historical foundation<<

    See pic of his note attached .

    How come the UPC still has in it's articles of faith that Jehovah is the true God who came as a man ?

    They are basically saying that Jehovah came in flesh .

    Not one apostle of Jesus ever said Jehovah was the true God come in flesh .

    How come you are not writing blogs exposing the UPC of putting a kabbalistic invented name in their lips & the lips of their dear people who go to their churches ?

    They the eyewitnesses of Jesus only said Jesus came in flesh .

    Who will you serve today ?

    Jesus or the fake kabbalistic Jehovah ?

    Jesus or the UPC ?

  23. Here is an article by Grahan Philips from his book done with the partial help of a Hebrew linguist called Dr David Benedek Of the Hebrew university Jerusalem .

    See pic attached >>

    What we call Hebrew today is not even real Hebrew , it's Babylonian square script .

    Now the Hebrew that's older than the Babylonian script is called paleo Hebrew & it's the real Hebrew .

    Now where did that paleo Hebrew come from ?

    See picture attached >>

    It came from the Phoenician .

    According to research the Hebrew language did not exist before 1000 bc .

  24. I want to say publicily before Jesus & His angels & His people here that I have no proof that yeshua is a fake Aramaic name .
    I have many reports from Messianic Jews that yeshu is an code for " may his name be wiped out " .

    I have nothing from anywhere saying 100% that the name yeshua /jeshua /Jesua is fake .

    Bishop Reckart has in the past denounced the name yeshua /jeshua/Jesua .

    It would be an honourable thing for him to prove it .

  25. Is this rabbis son deceived ?

    Israeli Rabbi's son believes in Yeshua (Jesus) (Part 1) on Alfa Omega TV in Romania

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    Rabbi's son believes in Yeshua (Jesus) (Part 2) on Alfa Omega TV in Romania

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  26. Anyone want to pray for this man ?

    Here is a man who is a Rabbis son born in Israel & now believes in the messiah . He is under attack from the Orthodox Jews in this video & they try & get him to denounce the messiah >>

    Jewish evangelist told by rabbis to denounce the messiah ,they told him to say he was an infidel >>

    Live footage >>

    Orthodox Jews persecuting Zev Porat and believers in an outreach in Israel.

  27. I asked B Reckart in my sitting room ,

    "Are you 100% sure about hallelujah ?"

    He said "no , I am only a man "

    Brethren, I tell you the truth before Jesus who will cast all liars into hell .

    How come he did not say this on FB or his blogs ?

  28. Douglas Hendrix, James Owens and all Recartists, again to remind you, this blog had made its way of arriving to its goal of exposing your lies and man-made inventions. These are solid evidences of proving your carnality, being judgmental assuming like gods that actually defaces you and showing your true colors.

    IF you wanna clear yourselves from any of this unscholar and evil actions or words you did, please clean up your messes and defend your arrogance of proving to me:

    1) that the SEPTUAGINT or LXX of which you boasted the reliable reference which is the Greek translations of written by 72 Jewish scholars is the true Bible.

    2) that the SEPTUAGINT or LXX isn't the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible.

    IF you can present here your best evidences that the Septuagint isn't a Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, and will show me again your best evidence/s of what language then was the Old Testament was written, pretty good you justified your case.

    BUT if not! EAT UP ALL THESE WORDS you said:

    "So, when you make false accusations against me as you are on this page by manipulating quotes taken out of context to fit your devilish agenda you are being a LIAR and the BIBLE SAYS YOU WILL BURN IN HELL!!!!!!! REPENT YOU LIAR REPENT!!!!!!" --- Douglas Hendrix

    NOW, prove to me that you aren't LYING, this is my CHALLENGE!

    (The truth will march on and it will keep on ringing all over the world, you can't hide it!)

  29. Aramaic is not the Hebrew language. This language came from Babylon when the Jews were taken there captive. Just because Jews used this language from Babylon does not make it the Hebrew tongue.

    Paleo Hebrew came from the Phonecians and was also adopted by the Israelites. It is not a true Hebrew tongue and Abraham never used or spoken this language. The Israelites adopted this language about 1000BC. Do the research yourself.

    The modern language used today by Jews is not Hebrew. One man invented this language. Research moder Hebrew and learn by yourself.

    Carl wants you to believe his accusation of anti-semitism are true based upon my rejection of these false Hebrew languages. Did he prove Abraham spoke Aramaic or what is called Paleo Hebrew? No! Did he prove these existed in the days of Abraham? No! In fact, among all those UPC supporters of his lies, not one of them have done so either. Even David K. Bernard refuses to say Abraham spoke Aramaic or Paleo Hebrew.

    The Truth is the Truth and no UPC preacher will ever prove Aramaic or Paleo Hebrew was the language of Abraham. Like Carl, all they can do is post lies and false accusations.

    Bishop Reckart
    A Man God Made

  30. Aramaic is not the Hebrew language. This language came from Babylon when the Jews were taken there captive. Just because Jews used this language from Babylon does not make it the Hebrew tongue.

    Paleo Hebrew came from the Phonecians and was also adopted by the Israelites. It is not a true Hebrew tongue and Abraham never used or spoken this language. The Israelites adopted this language about 1000BC. Do the research yourself.

    The modern language used today by Jews is not Hebrew. One man invented this language. Research moder Hebrew and learn by yourself.

    Carl wants you to believe his accusation of anti-semitism are true based upon my rejection of these false Hebrew languages. Did he prove Abraham spoke Aramaic or what is called Paleo Hebrew? No! Did he prove these existed in the days of Abraham? No! In fact, among all those UPC supporters of his lies, not one of them have done so either. Even David K. Bernard refuses to say Abraham spoke Aramaic or Paleo Hebrew.

    The Truth is the Truth and no UPC preacher will ever prove Aramaic or Paleo Hebrew was the language of Abraham. Like Carl, all they can do is post lies and false accusations.

    Bishop Reckart
    A Man God Made

    1. Read this link and be educated how the Hebrew language evolved from pictograph down to classical Hebrew. God bless

  31. I must say that Bishop Reckart told me sitting in my sitting room that he could be wrong about hallelujah & that he was only a man , he then went on to say that if he is wrong it will be hell .
    These days he denies that he said that so basically he either forgets or is just flat out lying .
    I do not trust everything he says .

  32. Bishop Reckart says he never said that. He holds on to his teaching that hallelujah is praise to Yahweh and we all know Yahweh is NOT Jesus!

  33. Bishop Reckart update from James Owens may 2018 YouTube video .
    Bishop Reckart Gary Reckart Pastor Reckart update

  34. A review I wrote on his new church website
    "I am sure there are lovely godly people here , but please just be careful of this man Bishop/Pastor Gary Reckart. He is very knowledgeable in many areas and I admit you will learn a lot but in the midst of this you will learn how to twist scripture and even mock it . Now maybe he has changed that since I challenged him on some stuff but I am not sure . He says I hate him but that's a total lie . He lies on me and does not give the whole story while sharing about it . Years ago a neighbour boy told me loads of lies and I believed him , I was telling everyone about how great he was etc because of the lies I believed , . My dad got him in a corner and looked him in the eyes and asked him directly " is this stuff true ?"
    He responded no and I was set free from his lying spirit . When bishop reckart was here I asked him eye to eye was he 100% sure about alleluia ? He replied -->>
    " I am only one man I could be wrong ( about alleluia) and if we are wrong it's hell " . Since this he has denied saying it basically calling me a liar . I know from this he is not honest . I don't care how much Babbling he does on blogs etc if he is not sure like he said to me then it's all huffing and puffing in that regard .
    My name is James Owens from Dublin Ireland . Be very wary of this man who can act like an angel from heaven at times ."

  35. I respectfully ask that you remove the picture of the Philippines baptism as I am not with Pastor Reckart or his group. Shortly after this picture was taken I was banned from his group. To post this picture as being associated with him, Pastor Reckart, causes me some legal concerns.

    1. Thak you sir for the disclaimer you made. I appreciate that so much.

  36. Pastor Gary Reckart even admitted on one of his websites that Baal means lord and this is true and in Hebrew new testament Bible concordance it says Baal means lord master and owner and Baalzebbub means Lord of the flies and original meaning was lord of Heaven and there was a book written by the Thomas Nelson publishers about people and places in the Bible and it says that Baal means lord and master plus the creator's name is not God and the God word isn't in the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts and Josephus mentioned that the creator's name is 4 Vowels in his writings not consonants plus if we study Greek Acts 17:18 it says Daimonions which means demons but in English version of Acts 17:18 it says gods therefore the god word means demon and gods means demons and Strong's Greek concordance G1140 states that Daimonions means devil and god words

    G1140 - δαιμόνιον daimónion, dahee-mon'-ee -on; neuter of a derivative of ; a dæmonic being; by extension a deity:—devil, god.

    The God word is a German word not a Hebrew word plus there was a Celtic god called Esus and he was also called Hesus and the name Jesus is said as Hesus in Tagalog language even though Hesus was the name of another god plus Jesus is said as Jesu Jeshu Iesu Yesu Yessu Gesu and Yeshu and they are all connected to Yeshu and Yeshu means may his name and memory be blotted out and Jesus is said as Yeshu in Modern Hebrew and Hindu language and here is a list of the names of the Messiah

    in chronological order, from oldest to youngest -
    01) IEUESHUO - English transliteration of the Ancient Hebrew Name
    02) IEUSHUO - English transliteration of the shortened Ancient Hebrew Name
    03) ISHUO - English transliteration of the further shortened Ancient Hebrew Name
    04) YESHUA - English transcription of the second shortest Massoritic Jewish Hebrew Name
    05) YESHU - English transcription of the shortest Massoritic Jewish Hebrew Name
    06) IESU - English transliteration of the early Greek Name
    07) IESoUs - English transliteration of the later Greek Name
    08) IESUs - First English Name
    09) JESUs - Second English Name
    10) JEEZUs - Today's English transcription (sound match) of the letters of the Second English Name

    All that we know for certain is that the word God is a relatively new European invention, which was never used in any of the ancient Judaeo-Christian scripture manuscripts which were written in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek or Latin.

    Amusingly, none of the prophets, sages and disciples who wrote down the various books of the Bible would recognize or understand this recently invented word God. Yet people fight over it.

    The name “God” is one of many names of the Divine Creator. The word “God” does not appear in the original Hebrew or Greek manuscripts of the Bible, as this particular name came into being much later in human history. “God” is an old English word which developed from an Indo-European word, meaning “that which is invoked”—which is also the predecessor of the German word Gott and the Danish “Gud,” both meaning “God.” As such, the word is not an authentic name of our Creator.

    All Christians profess belief in the Bible, it is as they claim "The Word of God". Curious however, the word "God" never appears in any of the original languages of the Bible. In the Hebrew (Ibriy) language which makes up the entirety of what many Christians refer to as the "Old Testament", the words El el, Elohiym elohiym, and Eloah eloah are used, and in the Greek and Aramaic text, what many Christians call the "New Testament", the words Ho Theos, or Ho Kurios are used.

  37. All of you anti Reckart,,, must stop telling lies accusations against this man before God will make a veangine upon to all of you, Gary Reckart (bishop) is a good messenger for the name of Jesus only, he is the only one missionary here in the phillipines who brought a pure Doctrine.

    No tetragrammaton
    No yahweh/yahveh
    No jehovah
    No christmass paganism celebration,
    JUST JESUS only.

    Repent today before is too late.

    1. There are over 23 pagan words in English Bibles derived from Greek and Roman gods and goddesses

      Jesus comes from the Tetragrammaton YHVH here's what Bible concordance says

      Ye·shu·a (Jesus)—Variant of “Y’hoshua” (Joshua;). In the Tanakh nine persons and a city have the name Yeshua, usually transliterated as “Je-shua” or “Jeshuah.” In the Septuagint and the New Testament the name was brought over into Greek as Iêsous and thence into English as “Jesus.” It means “Y-H-V-H saves” (Mt 1:21) and is also the masculine form of yeshu’ah (“salvation”). (1) The Messiah of Israel, Yeshua from Natzeret. In modern Hebrew Yeshua’s name is pronounced and written “Yeshu,” which may have been the ancient pronunciation in the Galil. However, reflecting two thousand years of conflict between the Church and the Synagogue, it is also an acronym for Yimach sh’mo v’zikhrono (“May his name and memory be blotted out”).

      If Jesus is the name above all names than why does the book of Revelation says that the whole world has been deceived ?

      Yeshua is found in old testament as Jeshua and later became Joshua

      Yosef Ben Matityahu 37 to ~100AD who became known, in his capacity as a Roman citizen, was a 1st-century Yehudian historian and apologist of priestly and royal
      ancestry who survived and recorded the Destruction of Yerusalem in 70. His works give an important insight into
      first-century Yudaism.
      He confirmed the tetragrammaton had four vowels by stating in his observations of the High Priest in the first century AD that,
      “A mitre also of fine linen encompassed his head, which was tied by a blue ribbon, about which there was another golden crown, in which was engraven the sacred name [of God]: it consists of four vowels”
      (Wars of the Yehudians (Chapter V, section 7).
      The four vowels are also verified, because Yoseph said that ancient historians familiar with Zerubbabel and others, saw
      these four vowels with their own eyes.

      Yes the Tetragrammaton is not YHWH and YHVH and YHUH because the real Tetragrammaton is four Vowels and many people witness IEUE on the Headband golden crown of the high priest

      It is against the scriptures to change the names and the letter J was invented by a Italian man in 1524 and wasn't used in English language until 1600s

      The Messiah never spoke English he spoke Ancient Hebrew and since man changed his name to Jesus they broke the Deuteronomy 4:2 law of do not subtract and add because they removed his original name and they are actually blotted out the Messiah name and memory because Jesus is a transliteration of Yeshu not Yeshua and the name Jesus is Yeshu in Modern Hebrew, Ladino and Marathi and Hindi languages and Yeshu means to blot out the Messiah name and memory

      Gary Reckart said that the Messiah name is Eesho in Aramaic on one of his websites and the Messiah did speak Aramaic not English and changing Eesho to Jesus is subtracting and adding

      But it's Eashoa (pronounced Eeh sho) in Aramaic

      Names matter plus when someone says Jesus they are quoting another god because Jesus is Hesus in Tagalog language even though Hesus was the name of a Celtic god who was also called Esus Hesus and Aesus

      Jesus is Gesu Iesu Jesu Jeshu Yesu and Yessu in other languages and they all mean the same as Yeshu which means to blot out the Messiah name and memory

      Also the word Christianos (Christian) is not found in earlier manuscripts it was forged by a scribe to replace Chrestianos and Chrestianos means the good ones


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